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Cakesms.com allows you to reach out to all of your clients with "Bulk SMS Spain" regardless of where they are or which mobile operator's services they use. All you have to do is compose the message text and we will deliver it. Anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds.

There are 36 Major operators in Spain , all of them offer sender id based SMS .Our API is perfect for transactional text messages and very easy to use , you can contact us and we'll be more than happy to help you integrate SMS Gateway to Spain or any other country with your current system.

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Our SMS Api allows anyone to easily integrate Text Message Sending into their Plateform .Our Bulk SMS Spain solution is designed for large amounts of text messages per day , you can send all of your sms in a couple of minutes . You can Also Use our Web Based SMS Application like 90% of our clients and deliver yours messages to over 200 countries.All it requires is a CakeSMS Account & a registered Sender ID , you can choose the package that suits your traffic and upgrade at any time . Our SMS Solution is Designed for all kinds of traffic from 100 SMS /day to Millions SMS /Day.

Cheapest Bulk SMS Spain

Our Bulk SMS Spain Solution is the cheapest available in the market , you can purchase credits within our cloud app or from Order Form in Cake sms . We serve a very diverse clientele (Government Agencies , Banking Institutions,Small & Big Companies ), Our Solution is very scalable most of our clients integrate our api in less than 30 min . If you are interest by any technical informations about SMPP Gateway or HTTPS Gateway with your plateform or anything else , feel free to chat with us.

bulk sms Spain

Bellow the supported networks in Spain & their prices

Operator MCC MNC Price $ (us)
MNO - Movistar (Telefonica Moviles Espana)214070.143
MNO - Orange Espana214030.143
MNO - Vodafone Espana214010.143
MNO - Yoigo (Xfera Moviles)214040.143
MVNO - Aire Networks del Mediterraneo214TBD0.143
MVNO - BT Espana214150.143
MVNO - Cableuropa (Ono) / Tenaria [shared]214180.143
MVNO - Carrefouronline214TBD0.143
MVNO - Cecosa Institucional214TBD0.143
MVNO - Digi Spain Telecom214220.143
MVNO - Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentacion214TBD0.143
MVNO - Euskaltel214080.143
MVNO - FonYou Wireless214200.143
MVNO - Grupo Hualon Geco214TBD0.143
MVNO - Hits Telecom214TBD0.143
MVNO - Incotel Ingeniera y Consultaria SL214130.143
MVNO - Ingenium Outsourcing Services214TBD0.143
MVNO - Jazz Telecom214210.143
MVNO - Least Cost Routing Telecom214TBD0.143
MVNO - Lebara214TBD0.143
MVNO - Lycamobile214250.143
MVNO - Mas Movil Ibercom214TBD0.143
MVNO - Mas Movil Telecom 3.0214TBD0.143
MVNO - More Minutes214TBD0.143
MVNO - ONO (Vodafone)2141180.143
MVNO - Ocean's Network214TBD0.143
MVNO - Operadora de Telecomunicaciones Opera SL214100.143
MVNO - Pepemobile214TBD0.143
MVNO - Procono214TBD0.143
MVNO - R Cable y Telecomunicaciones Galicia214170.143
MVNO - SCN Truphone214270.143
MVNO - Simyo214190.143
MVNO - Telecable de Asturias214160.143
MVNO - The Phone House Movil214TBD0.143
MVNO - Tuenti Technologies214320.143
MVNO - Voztelecom Sistemas214TBD0.143